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About Us

In a grocery store atmosphere we aren't accustomed to seeing our food's journey from farm to table. Because there is no farmer/producer there to answer our questions; we don’t ask, and a huge food insecurity gap is created. Not only do we aim to provide farmers, artisans, bakers and patrons a platform upon which to interact and form a relationship, we want to show people that great things require time and hard work.


Lupine is unique in many ways, one of which being that we ask our vendors to promise to meet a criteria of sustainability that we have created:

-No unnecessary use of single use plastics or packaging during production or distribution of product

-Products be produced ethically and/or locally 

-Production process of products demonstrate high quality and unique craftsmanship

-No use of preservatives or harsh chemicals/toxins 


Our intentions with creating this criteria was not to be exclusive, but rather the opposite. The health of our earth is something that binds us all and we want to make that as evident and all-inclusive as possible. In proposing our sustainability criteria, we ask producers to take a look at their product and practices, and either appreciate the fact that they have indeed been creating sustainably, or discover new ways to adjust their product in order to be. 


Sustainability and climate action can can be a daunting subject. We hope that Lupine will start the conversation and give people a common ground to stand on as they take part in an event that is both community and environmentally binding. As the fight for climate justice continues as will the Lupine Market.


Thank you for your interest in Lupine! We are Elizabeth Malatestinic and Gillian Cormier, the humble founders of The Lupine Market and proud community members of Hampton, New Brunswick. Amidst a culture where speed and efficiency are the best marketing techniques, we aimed to create something that celebrates slowness; Thus The Lupine Market was born! Our goal with Lupine was to maintain a standard of mindfulness as is demonstrated by the Slow Food Movement, which preserves tradition and history of foods all over the world from how it is grown to how it is distributed. 

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