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Cécile Chapus Clay Sculptures

Introducing, Cécile Chapus! Keep reading to learn more about the French sculpture and her creative journey...

"I come from France and have recently moved to New Brunswick. I had my first clay class at the age of 8 and since then I developed a unique and intuitive technique. My approach is inspired by the numinous and mindfulness. Take your time to look deeply at each sculpture and observe what they evoke in you.

Je suis originaire de France, et nouvellement arrivée au Nouveau-Brunswick. J’ai eu mon premier cours d’argile à l’âge de 8 ans et depuis, j’ai développé une technique unique et intuitive.

Mon travail s’inspire du numineux et de la pleine conscience. Prenez le temps de bien observer, serez vous attentif à ce que ces pièces peuvent réveiller en vous ?"

Pieces can be found at:

Starving Artist, Moncton NB

The Acorn Studio NB

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