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Covered Bridges Lavender

Introducing, Covered Bridges Lavender!

"Lavender plants were started and came with them to NB, and they have added more varieties from differing sources in the past few years to ensure a variety of plants hearty to their location in Hampton. The plants take about 3 years to reach productive maturity. Soaps and lotions were developed, tested and perfected and the product line continues to grow. The whole family suffers from skin sensitivities and allergies, so all products are made of the finest natural ingredients, so they can safely use them too!

Nancy and Phil are hopeful this is the start of a business that will be something for special needs adults in the future. So many areas they can work in depending on their interests...... the farming part, the product making part, the selling part.

The greenhouse was erected in late 2019, lavender gardens are expanding and product sales are doing fabulous. Phil and Nancy would like to thank the community for all the support of their business venture.”

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