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Happy Husky Art

Introducing the very first vendor that ever joined The Lupine Market, Happy Husky Art! This duo has been sharing everything from homegrown flowers to flow art, preserves and more recently- candles! They are environmental and social activists in our fortunate community and are known for their support in raising money for local charitable causes. Read on to get a more personal perspective about who they are and what they do!

"At Happy Husky Co. we focus on the most important things to us: community, sustainability, and recycling. We source all of our goods from Canadian companies to bring you the finest quality products. We offer a unique selection of candles, hand painted mugs, and coasters. For a limited time over the holiday season we are offering gift sets, ornaments, and Yule logs! 

Happy Husky Co. is run by Genevieve and Logan, along with their lovable husky, Khaleesi, out of Hampton, NB. We are inspired by New Brunswick at every turn and hope to highlight the beauty of the maritime region through our products."

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