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How to Make the Best of The Lupine Market

Our very first Lupine market of 2021 is coming up tomorrow and we are more excited than ever. After a long time apart, we are finally ready to be together again.

The Lupine Market is not just any farmer’s market… The Lupine Market is a market that promotes environmental commitment, a space of knowledge & education and a place which encompasses the values of the slow movement. And as we all know, farmer’s markets from one community to the next are spaces where everyone’s welcome. Farmer’s markets are an atmosphere of culture, of mouth watering smells, of fresh baked bread, of creative expression and, of course, irresistible colourful local fruits and veggies.

So how can you make the best of what Lupine offers? The Lupine Market is conveniently located at the hub of Hampton— its Town Square. Surrounding the town square locates a variety of local businesses. Perhaps you can grab a nice cold local craft beer for parents along with a couple of refreshing homemade lemonade for kids at Station 33. Or may we suggest grabbing a to-die-for portobello mushroom burger with buster's side sampler from the other side of the square at Busters Burgers with some of your best friends.

tasty treats from Station 33
check out their menu across the street!

This weather has been warmer than ever, and we can all use something to cool down. How about trying Chocolat Voyageur’s new fudgesicles made from scratch. Our favourite part about it is that she uses direct trade cacao beans and makes flavour & impact coincide.

These are just some of the businesses around the town square. You can check them out before or after you come to Lupine to check out some of our lovely vendors!

So how else can you make the best of what Lupine offers? We believe that to live the most meaningful lives, you must have a nice balance between giving and taking. Once you find balance in give and take, we live in harmony amongst one another. Here is what you should you bring to the market:

  • Bring your own bag. You will see minimal plastic at our market, so remember to come prepared with your favourite reusable bag

  • Bring your own cutlery—forks, knives, chopsticks, you name it! We will have (delicious) prepared food on site, which we definitely encourage you to try

  • Bring your positive energy! You can never have too much

  • Bring the money that you can. Supporting our vendors means supporting local families and individuals. It means keeping our money in our local economy

  • Wear your mask, it’s mandatory under provincial rules (for right now). We must look out for one another and do our part (unless you are medically exempt)

And what you will take (gain):

  • A better understanding of where your food and art comes from

  • Indulgence in local foods—yum!

  • A lightened mood from a lively, positive atmosphere

  • Time in the lovely outdoors

  • Knowledge and education from local organizations and an opportunity to get involved

  • Time to socialize with your community

We hope that you can enjoy the season with us, we can’t wait to enjoy it with you!


Market Details:


July 2nd-August 27th


September 3rd-October 8th



TLC Soaps

Vida's Shae Butter and Things

Hampton Hill Family Farm

Savage Gardens

Mary's Kitchen

Spring Hill Farm

HHS Garden Team/TOASA Farms

Sweetums Sweet Treats

Kingston Creek Cider

Covered Bridges Lavender

Lisa's Feathers and Findings


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