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Introducing, J.U.L.E.S, a polymer jewellery brand with each pieces handmade by local artist, Julia Bustin...

"“I started making polymer clay Jewellery almost 2 years ago as a way to combat seasonal depression and anxiety. It was a new outlet and medium for myself but I couldn’t of imagined it growing into what I am doing now. My love for this expression of art is endless. You can’t imagine the joy I feel of seeing someone wearing a piece I carefully made + designed. It’s incredible

As I started pop ups and the markets , packaging is something that came along with that process. It’s something I wanted to think a lot about as I strive in my personal life to be as waste free as possible I wanted to do the same with JULES. We use small paper bags that are reusable/repurposed and recyclable as well as tissue paper which is also a recycled product.”


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