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Little Lupines

We are so excited to announce a new project that this year's market season will be incorporating: Little Lupines!

Little Lupines is a program held by the Lupine Market to encourage young community members not only to create, but to do so in harmony with the environment! During the market evenings of July 9th, July 30, September 3, September 10 and October 1st, a local creator of, or under the age of 15 will join the Lupine Market vendor team celebrating their creativity and sharing their sustainable product with us! The LL will be positioned on the pavilion amongst the other vendors to showcase and sell their products!


  • Little Lupines must be of, or under the age of 13

  • Little Lupines must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their market participation

  • The products created by the Little Lupines will demonstrate sustainability and environmental compassion in the ingredients and practices used to produce them


Through Little Lupines, we hope to encourage little creators to create! Participation in the market will expose them to the true close-knit atmosphere of our community. Being able to practice and share their creations with locals will provide them with vital support to grow artistically and eco-consciously. The environmental emphasis that the Lupine market believes in will share with kids the importance of creating while keeping the concept of quality over quantity, in mind.

We can't wait to celebrate every variety of product and age range of producers with our community! If you, or someone that you know would like to join us as a Little Lupine for one of the 5 dedicated dates contact us via e-mail at

See you soon!

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