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Lupine Market x Nature Trust NB

One of our aims with the Lupine Market is to support locals and the environment in every way possible. In hopes of using our events as a platform on which to highlight other sustainable and environmental focused, local organizations we have decided to partner with Nature Trust of New Brunswick for day 2 (December 13th) of the upcoming Lupine Winter Market!

"The Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable land conservation organization which focuses

on conserving and stewarding private land and engaging New Brunswickers about the importance of protecting our province’s unique natural heritage and biodiversity.

Since 1987, we conserved over 9,000 acres (3,600 hectares) of ecologically significant land in

more than 62 beautiful and diverse nature preserves throughout the province. New Brunswick is a bountiful province, with stunning landscapes and various ecosystems of forest, coastline, and waterways. We protect unique natural areas in New Brunswick, spectacular spaces of pristine, scenic beauty, some which shelter rare, endangered species of flora and fauna. It is the Nature Trust’s mandate to steward these lands while maintaining healthy ecosystems, biodiversity and preserving native species.

We partner with individuals, landowners, community groups, non-profit organizations,

indigenous groups, businesses, and government departments at all levels to protect New

Brunswick’s natural spaces. We establish nature preserves through land or donations, purchases, conservation easement agreements, other legal interests in land, and manage them in perpetuity. By acquiring conservation lands and by working with our communities, donors and volunteers, to encourage responsible stewardship, we ensure that these spaces are preserved. This means New Brunswickers have access to natural spaces and hiking trails, the ability to get away and reconnect with the outdoors, and the opportunity to teach future generations about the importance of nature."

-Nature Trust of New Brunswick team

Entrance to the winter market will be by a minimum donation of $2 per person and 100% of the proceeds will be going towards their hard work to preserve and educate what nature gives us.

To learn more about them and the projects that they are working on, visit their website or come and speak to one of the organization representatives at day 2 (December the 13th) of The Winter Lupine!

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