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Marci's: Salads Reimagined

Should you find yourself in the historic uptown area of Saint John, NB, with the desire for something flavourful, modern and nutritious, Marci's is where you will want to go. This newly opened restaurant is as local as it gets, from their family recipes to the dish ware that your generously portioned food will be served to you in. Marci’s was created by sisters Megan and Sarah in August of 2020, and has been the city's health and superfood hub ever since.

"We are both passionate about nutritious and flavorful eating, and wanted to create a quick-service restaurant option for people that was also healthy and sustainable, with a beautiful aesthetic and atmosphere. Our salads are full of tasty, homemade ingredients prepared from scratch every day, from the dressings to the gourmet nuts. Our goal is to create a quick and simple eat-in or take-out restaurant option for people craving convenient whole foods. Our fibreware salad packaging is 100% compostable, and our smoothie cups and other wrapping is plant-based and free of petroleum products. We are dedicated to working with our customers to reduce single-use takeout packaging and to add a level of consciousness to the takeout packaging process. At the center of our business is family – the name Marci’s is actually a combination of our two daughter’s names, Margaret and Ceciilia (Ceci)

Their online ordering platform with the menu and merchandise:

Instagram: @marcissalads

Facebook : Marci’s

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