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Mon Pré Collection

We are grateful to be joined by another talented artist with a unique eye for elegance and nostalgia. Read more to learn about the products and perspective that they will be sharing with us at the upcoming markets...

On vous introduit une nouvelle vendeuse qui nous joindra cette été. Continuez a lire pour découvrir un peu à propos des œuvres et produits qu'elle partagera avec nous au marché bientôt...

"Mon Pré Collection encourages a life that's lived slowly, lightly, curiously and dreamily.
Our collection of nostalgic goods was born out of a passion for finding and sharing forgotten treasures and inspired by stories of days gone by, secret gardens, old world romance & the french countryside. We like to think that all objects have stories and we love imagining them back to life. We give fine objects a second life and help the environment by helping you shop sustainably. We do the work of seeking timeworn gems and make it easy for you to access those very special pieces of history.
Joëlle Martin is a painter and illustrator living in Dunsinane, New Brunswick. Her studio is located in her peaceful lakeside lodge where she slowly brings her artworks to life. Originally a makeup artist, Joëlle brings about an aesthetic that is detailed and layered along with a whimsical and playful twist on realism. Creating images of the natural world allows Joëlle to continually explore new subjects and places, inviting the viewer to see nature in diverse ways. Her hope is that her creations will bring on a sense of wonder and inspire the viewer to pause more often to take a closer look at the beauty of nature."

Instagram: @mon.pre.collection


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