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River Bennett Knotworks

Introducing, River Bennett Knotworks! Bob is the founder and creator of this completely unique and sustainable brand of re-worked pieces. Read on to learn about his products and practices...

"I am Bob Edwards-artisan and proprietor of River Bennett Knot Works. It is my passion project resulting from years of working, playing, and creating with rope and twine. I create high-quality,

practical products of rope, net, and twine which combine traditional knot-tying methods with innovative design and maritime influences. My handcrafted artifacts reflect my commitment to sustainability, traditional skills and the natural world. I use a variety of materials in my products: some natural, biodegradable fibres; some repurposed rope sourced from the commercial fishing industry. My goal is to have my love of knot-tying come out in the decorative and practical knots that I create.

I can be reached at for any questions about my products, or inquiries

about custom orders. The retail outlet located in southwest New Brunswick will be open on a fall

schedule, and by appointment by calling 506 754 1742."

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