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Soaking up Summer Energy

One of the most marvellous parts about living in this part of the world is experiencing such drastically different seasons. While many of us are quick to complain about our long winters, I think there are always different parts about each season that really make living in Canada so rich. Summers seem to fly by with the nature of business it welcomes. Autumn is a perfect time to reset and ease into work/routines and colder weather. Winter is full of coldness, reflection and rest. Spring is a new, refreshing awakening.

This past year and a half has been very different for us all, all over the world. It has felt like that long-never-ending-winter-feeling with only little tastes of the seasons, and their traditions and treats. With many of us being apart from family, loved ones, friends, and our social circles, it has been seemingly incomplete living these seasons through fully. But, luckily, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic drifting towards a closing. We are seeing cases drop, immunization, reuniting with friends and family, and this refreshing feeling of finally being able to live more completely in our communities and outside of them. The weight is slowly being lifted from us!

As every annual summer here in this part of the world seems to be full of events, little rest, lots of socializing and excursions, we all want to soak in every bit of the sweet and spiciness of summer. Especially with the lifting of restrictions, we are ready to blossom, ready to dance, ready to get out and live to our fullest ability.

We have all learned a lot and faced different hardships over 2020-2021. This was an unprecedented time that affected all of us differently, but for many it has given us time in solidarity. It has given us time to think, be alone with ourselves, sit with uncomfortable situations, or perhaps even rebel against other situations. Regardless of what this time has brought you, remember to continue to take care of yourself, let yourself rest, let yourself recharge and do not feel guilty for wanting some time alone. I want us all to live fully, to live authentically, to live joyfully with our own unique pizzazz. Now that we are welcoming more love, warmth and hugs into our lives, I want to remind myself and others that what we learned to do over these strange times has contributed to our growth in one way or another. We must continue to give ourselves the same love we give to others. Even if we have made mistakes, felt like we have taken the wrong road, even if we did not take full advantage of the time, we still have the opportunity to grow from that, and we have the opportunity to learn from that too. We also have the opportunity to soak up every bit of this season's uplifting energy—after all, we deserve it.

So as you try to squeeze in your summer vacations, trips, time with friends and family, remind yourself that the next season will bring us something new and exciting too. Remember that you are allowed to take evenings and weekends off for yourself. When we are honest with ourselves and our social circles, we are better able to give to ourselves and to others. This is your reminder to take care of you. Not just for you, but for everyone.

Be the Change,



Perhaps this writing piece is a friendly love letter to myself, but I’m sure many of you are feeling the same. I hope you can make the most of this wonderful lively season! Cheers!

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