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TLC Valley Essentials

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Introducing, TLC Valley Essentials! Read on to get to know more about the producer, Laura, and her products!

"After moving to Canada from Europe, we soon discovered that ingredients were not what we were used to. I was disturbed by the unpronounceable ingredients in the soap I was using and wondered if it was possible to make it myself. That was back in 2013 and, after a few intense years of learning, experimenting, and showering, TLC Valley Essentials was born in 2016. Why TLC? Well, they are the initials of my daughter, husband and I, and our last name starts with a V.

Did you know.......... that I like my soap to feel good in the hand and have a nice, finished appearance? To achieve that I bevel the edges, which means that I have a pile of scraps left over. These scraps get down and formed into new soaps, which I donate to our local food basket;

....... that one of my pet irks is excessive packaging? I use as little as I can for my soap: the labels are either repurposed or recycled paper, and boxes I use to give or send to someone are those we received in the mail or from other packaging; ....... that I love my environment? On top of recycling, re-purposing, re-using etc, I prefer to buy organic ingredients where at all possible; .......I love buying local? Times are not exactly normal, so it's great to support small local businesses; .......that TLC Valley Essentials is Leaping Bunny Certified? I love animals and care about the ingredients I use.

All of my soap is vegan and I do not use palm oil........that I do not use synthetic colourants or scents in my soap? I only use quality essential oils for smell, and plants (Indigo powder, Annatto seed, Madder root etc), clays and activated charcoal for colour..... that, and this should be no surprise: I absolutely love making and using my soap.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy - and stay clean!"

-Laura Vlaming, TLC Valley founder

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