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Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. The past couple days we have shared a couple of actions that we can do to make every day Earth Day.

The first we proposed was to—Consume Less and Consume Best. This is one powerful thing we can do from an individual level that can make a huge difference.

As Greta Thunberg has said, and I’ve quoted before “Of course we need a system change rather than individual change, but we cannot have one without the other”. We must remember to continue to do our part to have a positive impact in our individual lives as well as push for how we want to see governmental action to happen. We are not fully responsible, but we can always find ways to live better and contribute.

The second action that we shared was to—Get Talking About Climate Action. Never underestimate the power of your voice and your words. Simply talking about climate action—and how to be better citizens—can have a large ripple effect. The more people talk the more people act. Talking can be anything from a dinner time conversation, to a letter to your local government.

The final action we would like to share with you today is to—Learn, Amplify and Be an Ally.

In the theme of sustainability, we are often given resources on ways that we can live more sustainably in our own individuals lives but we often forget to dive to the root of it, and see that climate change is the result of a system of peoplea collective. As it is a collective problem, we need collective solutions.

Throughout history, it has been activism that has pushed for environmental protection, basic human rights and a better world. This activism can start from one person—or better yet, a group of people. These small collectives raise awareness on the problem at hand, and demand for solutions. Activists find ways to get creative, spread ideas, their visions for a positive future and demand for action. Action from government, from organizations, from business, from people.

“What we do to our earth is what we do to ourselves”

We have to remember how connected we are to our environment. Thank goodness we have many indigenous cultures that remind us of this. Many of which are our planets’ strongest, most authentic and powerful advocates for our earth. Indigenous peoples are some of the most earth respecting people, as many of their cultures relate to living in harmony with nature. This is something all of us can learn from.

To me, being a climate activist means being empathetic, being a listener, and being open.

Being a climate activist is being an environmentalist, a social rights activist, a human rights activist, an animal rights activist, and so much more. Being a climate activist means standing for what is right. Although I believe that all of these types of activism are important, what resonates with me the most is the social and human rights aspect of climate change. Our world is filled with a lot of hate and negativity and some pretty horrific history, but when we can stop to listen to our neighbours, to our indigenous peoples, to people of all races, sexualities, backgrounds, and religions, we find richness in the world.

Today is Earth Day. And we challenge you to find love and empathy in every living being that is a part of this world. We challenge you to be an ally. We challenge you to stand for what is right, but to do that with love and respect. We challenge you to build partnerships, to learn from other perspectives than your own. We challenge you to learn about your actions. We challenge you to think about your impact, your voice, your relationships and how you can use them as an anchor to be the best climate activist you can be.

To be someone who cares for the earth, we must learn to care for each other as well. Be an ally. Be empathetic. Listen. Ask questions.

There is a whole lot more to taking care of our earth that is not just from an individual level—in fact, much more. But I am a strong believer in grassroots movements. Though I believe we need extensive governmental action on climate change, I also believe that most great things start from a grassroots level. When we fight for what is right, when we learn to be empathetic and caring, and there is a beautiful flow from what you give and take from the world, we find balance, ease and true happiness.

Be The Change,


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