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Tree House Studio

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Tree House Studio is a dedicated New Brunswick based artist that will be joining the Lupine family for our 2021 Summer market season. Read on to learn more about her Artistic background...

"Melanie Craig-Hansford lives in Hampton, New Brunswick. She attended Nova Scotia College

of Art and Design University in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she graduated with a BFA and a BA

in Art Education. She studied at Fortman Studios in Florence, Italy for a year. She taught high

school visual arts and was a high school Teacher-Librarian for 27 years in Kingston, Ontario.

She retired in 2014 and moved back to New Brunswick to write poetry and make visual art.

Melanie has participated in Bloomin’ Artists, the Summerville Art Festival, and sold small

works at the Kingston Farmer’s Market. She has done many large commissions and will have an

illustrated poetry collection published in the fall by Chapel Street Editions. Melanie lives in

Hampton and will be offering small group and private art lessons from her studio Tree House

Studio when we are allowed to gather again.

For me Art is about the process not the final product. The process is "slow". It is about staying

present and letting my soul know that I am listening. Many times, the journey surprises me. I

don't plan out my work ahead of time, but the process tells me where to go. Sometimes this

takes weeks sometimes it takes months. The finished product is a record of that process. It is

authentic, it is a visual form of communication, it is an outward expression of an inward process,

and it is the opposite of mass production for profit."

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