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Welcoming you, welcoming me

Hello! Welcome! I am so excited to be writing and sharing this with all of you through our website! From here on out, you will be hearing from me, Gillian Cormier, weekly, about all things sustainability and lifestyle. I had originally started my first article about the habits and fresh start usually brought out by the start of a new year. I wrote about confidence, patience and motivation at a time when I, myself, was struggling to practice those very things. I would go through cycles of writing a sentence—reading it—liking it— hating it—deleting it. Repeat.

I was used to having numerous assignments (all of which, I loved) while in University that by the time I graduated in May 2020, with a Bachelor's of Community Development with Environmental & Sustainability Studies, all of the educational structure that I had spend the last 17 years practicing stopped. And just like many other recent graduates, I was thrown into the real world; a place to put my years of study and training to the test. So here I am—testing out the waters, with a wonderful community of loving individuals, dreamers, doers, movers and shakers. Cheers to a life of unpredictability, to putting ourselves out there, and striving to make a positive impact!

Behind These Masks: Big Smiles for our Very First Lupine Market

Writing to inspire has been something I've dreamt about for years. I had the idea to start my own blog to create an inclusive space around sustainability, health, and mindfulness. I had everything drafted and pages of notebooks dedicated to ideas and topics but no idea where to start. And then The Lupine Market was born. Elizabeth Malatestinic (the oh-so-famous Lupine Co-Founder; AKA my best friend) and I worked tirelessly to foster a market community that centres around environmental sustainability, slow-living, health, and all things local. Humbled by the support and likeminded people that love Lupine as much as I do made it clear to me that this blog series would be the perfect fit for the Lupine page.

I am incredibly excited to start this new chapter and together, to start a whole new journey of researching, learning, connecting and reflecting. Thank you for taking the time to take a little glimpse into some background of me! In upcoming posts, you can expect a unique mixture of conversations, interviews with some local vendors/creators, experiences, real emotion and passion. Together, we will inspire, spark change, start conversations and movements—both within our communities and ourselves.

If you are interested in staying up to date with Lupine articles, make sure to subscribe to our page to receive notifications once the articles are first posted (you can find it in our other blog posts where it says sign up)! If you do so, you can expect to get your first *bing* tomorrow!

Talk Soon,


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